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Chris Gordon for OKC City Council Ward 1

I am running for the Ward 1 City of Oklahoma City council seat to ensure that our Ward has a strong voice in civic matters. For far too long streets have deteriorated, crime has increased, and multiple threats to our two most prestigious city lakes have occurred.


I want to be an advocate for our Ward and our city. We should work together to adequately fund high quality street repairs, work to build stronger neighborhoods, and look for ways to improve the quality of life in northwest Oklahoma City for ourselves and our children.


While I am conservative, I believe that there are ways in which we can both adequately fund Ward 1 infrastructure improvements and keep transformational MAPS type projects moving forward so that our city continues forward with developing a stronger economy. The Ward needs an advocate to fight for it. It has not had an advocate for some time. There has to be a balance and right now too many monies are diverted towards other Wards. Future city ballot initiatives must address infrastructure, quality of life, education, and ways to develop stronger neighborhoods.


I have walked over 3,500 doors in my quest to learn about the ward and become your councilman. I have seen the deteriorating streets, the lack of sidewalks, experienced the lack of neighborhood lighting, and talked to folks who want to see a more diversified, stronger economy. Common sense isn’t enough. If we want northwest OKC to improve, we have to speak up and negotiate.


Whether you are in one of the Lake Districts near Lake Hefner or Overholser, or if you live out in Surrey Hills and Piedmont, I will stand up for you to make sure that you are represented.

Feel free to contact me anytime at 405-923-6518 or send me an email.
NW OKC Deserves Better
Improved local streets, better sidewalks, safer neighborhoods, and greater economic opportunity.

Chris Gordon – a STRONG, NEW voice for Northwest OKC.

After four years of weak leadership, many of Northwest OKC’s streets continue to rapidly deteriorate. Chris Gordon will be a strong, new voice prioritizing quality street repairs and reconstruction first.

77 percent of Ward 1 residents are dissatfied with conditions of the streets
Vote for new leadership for better streets and infrastructure

"77 percent of Oklahoma City residents are dissatisfied with the condition of OKC streets.


Ward 1 streets remain in dire need of repair or replacement. For four years, weak incumbent leadership failed to prioritize the streets citizens have asked to be rehabilitated first.


I pledge to be a STRONG VOICE for Northwest OKC and ensure that citizens’ concerns are met FIRST.

Let's build safer neighborhoods for Ward 1 Oklahoma City

Ward 1 has seen an in increase in crime over the past four years.



Better neighborhood lighting, more police officers, smarter technology for our city. A Gordon administration will pursue funding for neighborhood grants to install more lighting. I will fight for adequate funds to strengthen our police force. After visiting other cities, I believe that we can install Smart Technologies in Oklahoma City to detect public safety situations and dramatically improve police and fire department response times.


I will be YOUR ADVOCATE in Ward 1 to ensure that public safety is more adequately funded to keep our families and neighbors safe.

3,500 doors and knocking
What have you been telling me? Many people haven’t ever seen their councilman. EVER.

His last Facebook communication was when he won FOUR YEARS AGO. That is unacceptable. I’m committed to hearing your concerns and actively communicating with you. Below is my telephone number and email if I missed you while on the doors.




Lets's protect our lakes
Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser.

Chris Gordon will fight to:
PREVENT further development around Lake Hefner.
PROTECT our city’s drinking water.
CONSERVE our lakes’ natural habitats.


Over the past four years, several new developments have been proposed around our lakes and their tributaries. None of them should have ever seen the light of day. I‘m committed to preventing activity that might threaten the safety of our drinking water and damage the property values in our neighborhoods. I pledge to conserve the natural habitats and recreational facilities that all our Oklahoma City residents enjoy.

Volunteers for Chris Gordon to knock on doors
Knocking on doors.

Volunteers organizing with Chris to walk and meet citizens of Ward 1.

Issues I care about

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    Street Maintenance

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    Strong Neighborhoods

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    Sidewalks, Trails, Transit, and Connectivity

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    Public Safety

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    Parks and Recreation

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    Jobs and a Stable Economy

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    Fiscal Responsibility

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    Mental Health Care

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    Community Placemaking

Photo of Chris Gordon

meet Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon, a U.S. Navy Veteran and native of Oklahoma City, serves as an adjunct instructor at Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City where he teaches Public Sector Budget and Resource Management and Student Success Strategies. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City, where he earned an AS in Public Service and was named the university’s 2008 George and Donna Nigh Scholar. He also holds a BS in Organizational Leadership and a MS in Management from Southern Nazarene University. Chris has served on the Public Service Degree Program Advisory Board and Faculty Senate for OSU-OKC. Chris deployed aboard the USS Wasp (LHD-1) in 2002 and 2004 in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Chris has an innate passion for serving and sees Ward 1 as an incredible opportunity to influence the city he loves. He believes that strong cities are built upon strong neighborhoods; and strong neighborhoods are built through safety, a sense of community and connectivity.

Chris volunteers his time with The First Tee, Junior Achievement and several other organizations thorough his work. As a member of Leadership Oklahoma’s LOYAL Class XI, he worked with Team Tinker Home Away From Home. Chris is married to Morgan, a counselor, and together they have two children, William and Caroline. When not in the classroom or on the campaign trail, you can find Chris and his family at their church or on a family hike.

Photo of Chris Gordon and family



Contributions can be mailed to
12004 NW 135th Street
Oklahoma City 73078


Make checks payable to
Chris Gordon for Ward 1


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